A Conducive Learning Space For Students

That Tuition Café (TTC) aims to be a conducive learning and teaching space for not only for students but also for the tutors as well. The idea for this café concept came about after the co-founders noticed a growing trend of students choosing to study in public spaces instead of their homes.

That Tuition Café

They also noticed that a public environment was not only unconducive towards learning and studying, but was also inviting the ire of the public (especially if the students were settled in a restaurant or eatery for long periods at a time). Thus, they came up with the idea of creating a learning space where the students may meet their respective tutors and take charge of their own learning.

Conceived in late 2016, the company was incorporated in 2017 and by March 2019, the café was officially established.

To take their efforts a step further, the team have also developed an app specifically catered to students which allows them to select their tutors as well as arrange for a tuition session easily. The app itself began development in 2017 but took almost 15 months to complete due to rigorous testing.

Students looking for tutors may easily book one in just a few simple steps:

  • Download the app
  • Sign up and register
  • Create or connect an existing PayPal account
  • Search for sessions based on their level and subject
  • Select a preferred date and time
  • Select the available tutors

Once a session has been booked, both students and tutor will meet at TTC and the café manager will guide them to their allocated table to begin their tuition. Once the session has been completed, the student, tutor, and café manager will verify on the app that the lesson has taken place in order to complete the payment.

To be a tutor, you’ll have to register online through the TTC website. Then, each individual application will be vetted by the TTC team based on their uploaded profile. Each tutor will also receive a rating given by students based on a number of parameters such as punctuality, communication skills, as well as knowledge on the subject. The stats of each tutor will also be updated in real-time on their profiles.

Apart from being a study space, TTC is also aiming to be a coworking space catered towards the tuition industry by allowing students to rent spaces on an hourly basis with or without tutors — wherein the package will include free Wi-Fi and some simple refreshments. 

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