Experience Traditional Thai Culture In Thailand’s Capital

Thai culture is as complex as they come.

On one hand, you have the gentlest form of art in the shape of many of Bangkok’s historical and creative plays. In the same vein, you’ll also find a fiery, spirited affair involving a ferocious exchange of fists, elbows, knees, and feet of Thailand’s elite fighters in various packed stadiums throughout the city. 

Of course, the spirited crowds cheering on their favourites also adds a layer of intrigue to one of Thailand’s favourite sports — kickboxing or otherwise known as Muay Thai. 

Bangkok Has Many Intriguing Historical And Cultural Shows

In Thailand, kickboxing is a celebrated combat sport which oftentimes pulls in large crowds of spectators across numerous huge stadiums such as the Lumpini Stadium or Ratchadamnoen Stadium in Bangkok, wherein the biggest fight events are held. Here, an action-packed evening filled with the frenetic screams of the locals cheering on their favourites awaits you.

On the other hand, if competitive violence isn’t particularly your cup of tea, fret not! Bangkok definitely still has something catered to you. In this case, perhaps attending one of the many cultural shows in Bangkok would better suit your fancy. 

Off the top of the list, you may want to check out Siam Niramit Bangkok or Calypso Cabaret Show.

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