FRIM’s Lush Green Hiking Trails

If you’re ever in Kuala Lumpur and the hiking bug hits you, you may head to this rather unknown, forested location to get your dose of hiking through a smorgasbord of scenic trails.

More specifically, the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) offers an excellent opportunity to be in the presence of Mother Nature as you hike through its multitude of picturesque yet easy-to-climb trails.

The Green, Green Facade Of FRIM

FRIM is a public spot found just on the outskirts of Kepong, near KL. But other than the hike itself, the forest-clad FRIM is also a suitable location for various outdoor activities like jogging, cycling or just having a lovely picnic on a lazy Sunday morning. 

In particular, hikers will be in awe of the many hiking trails in FRIM to pick from. The trails range from the Keruing trail, Salleh Nature trail, Engkabang trail, Sebasah trail, and the Razak Walk.

As far as difficulty goes, FRIM is more akin to a leisurely hike instead of a difficult one. Expect generally flat surfaces that may be completed in less than an hour or up to two hours — depending on the terrain of your route of choice.

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